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Tag: Windrow Turner

Methods and Steps for Fermenting Pig Manure to Make Organic Fertilizer

Pile the pig manure fertilizer raw materials on the flat ground in a chopped shape. (The trough turning compost machine directly puts the auxiliary materials into the trough), the pile width is equal to the turning pile width of the equipment, the height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as […]

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Complete Compost Systems for Windrow Composting

Fermentation is an essential step in the process of organic fertilizer production line. Unfermented fertilizers can cause the following hazards: 1. Infected with pests. Feces contain Escherichia coli, square nematodes and other pests that cause soil borne diseases and even large-scale infectious diseases. 2. Burn seedlings. When unfermented manure and other organic materials are applied […]

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How to make compost by windrow composting tech?

In relation to composting, there are several things that must be controlled so be sure you keep these under consideration. Such as your feedstock and nutrient balance, how big your particles, your entire moisture content, the flow of oxygen and naturally your temperature. Our article goes further into what was already mentioned and also some […]

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