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Tag: small scale compost machine

Common Equipment For Organic Fertilizer Fermentation

Equipment used in the pre-fermentation stage Crusher Some organic fertilizer composting raw materials or auxiliary materials are too long or too large to be used directly, so they need to be broken and fermented. For example, straw, straw, branches, etc. are difficult to ferment directly. They need to be broken into 2-3 cm or smaller […]

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Things You Must Focus On In Small Scale Composting

Carbon-nitrogen ratio Among the various elements required by microbiological decomposition, carbon and nitrogen are the most important parts. The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is related to the temperature of small scale composting. If carbon-nitrogen ratio is too high, too much carbon would lead to the shortage of nitrogen raw material, and the growth of […]

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Small scale composting plant cost on machines

The cost of small composting plant is less than 100000 yuan. The low configuration of compost production line only needs crusher, granulator, screening machine for small scale composting and packaging machine, which belongs to the basic configuration, and the equipment is added according to the actual needs and requirements of customers. The process of composting […]

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