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Tag: liquid fertilizer for plants

What are the causes of soil hardening?

Soil hardening simply means that the soil surface hardens and cracks appear. It is difficult for crops to take root. Nutrients in the soil are difficult to absorb. What causes soil knotting? 1. The texture of farmland soil is too sticky and the plough layer is shallow. Long term use of the tumbling machine will […]

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How to pack finished fertilizer products automatically ?

Organic fertilizer contains a lot of nutrients needed for plant growth, which can supply nutrients to plants smoothly and persistently, and has a long aftereffect. Organic fertilizer also contains a variety of trace elements. Because all kinds of nutrients in organic fertilizer are relatively complete, and these substances are completely non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free natural […]

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Organic Fertilizer Function to the Soil

The research data indicate that humus in organic fertilizer contains fat, wax and resin, including about 80-85% carbon, 10% hydrogen and 3-18% oxygen. Due to the formation of soil fertility, these substances can penetrate into the soil to agglomerate, make it hydrophobic, weaken the soil wetting process and capillary water movement speed, and reduce the […]

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