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Tag: hydraulic compost turner

What Are the Advantages of Crawler Turning Compost Machine Compared With Wheel Turning Compost Machine?

The crawler-type¬†turning compost machine¬†adopts a crawler walking design, which can move forward, backward, turn and drive by one person. Rotate the knife shaft for mixing, fluffing and conveying. The outstanding technology of this machine is to combine the crushing function of materials in the later stage. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the addition of […]

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Complete Compost Systems for Windrow Composting

Fermentation is an essential step in the process of organic fertilizer production line. Unfermented fertilizers can cause the following hazards: 1. Infected with pests. Feces contain Escherichia coli, square nematodes and other pests that cause soil borne diseases and even large-scale infectious diseases. 2. Burn seedlings. When unfermented manure and other organic materials are applied […]

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