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Tag: Granular Fertilizer Making Machine

What Is The Humidity Requirement of The Material for Organic Fertilizer Granulation?

In the production of organic fertilizer, what are the requirements for the humidity of the material in the granulation of organic fertilizer? This question is a topic of concern to many friends in the organic fertilizer industry. Explain the specific content in detail. When making organic fertilizer granulation, what is the requirement of the material […]

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What is the difference between organic fertilizers?

Organic¬†fertilizer: fundamentally alludes to an assortment of creatures and plants, after a specific timeframe fermented¬†and matured fertilizer¬†(counting prepared rapeseed cake, with no smell). organic fertilizer making in Nigeria organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic substances, creature and plant deposits, excreta, organic waste and different substances. The use of organic fertilizer can give extensive nourishment […]

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