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Which Effect Is Better for Disc Granulation and Stirring-Tooth Granulation Organic Fertilizer for Livestock and Poultry Manure?

Disc granulation and stirring tooth granulation are the most widely used organic fertilizer granulation equipment on the market. Which is better for disc granulation and stirring tooth granulation of animal manure organic fertilizer? FPC will tell you. Granulation of organic fertilizer raw materials: according to the moisture, fineness and cohesiveness of the raw materials. Moisture has […]

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The Technological Difference between the New-Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator and the Disc Granulator

The different granulation processes of organic fertilizer refer to different types of granulators. Different granulators directly affect the price of the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment. For the two styles of organic fertilizer granulator, the difference in process technology between the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer granulator and the disc granulator has caused a price gap between […]

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