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Tag: cow manure organic fertilizer granulator

Process Flow of Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment for Processing Cow Dung Straw

Large-scale cow dung organic fertilizer production line process: the raw materials are fermented by the dumper-the fermented organic fertilizer is crushed-the mixer mixes the raw materials evenly-the pellet machine is granulated-the dryer evaporates the water in the pellets –The cooler makes the temperature of the particles drop down quickly–The sieving machine screens out the unqualified […]

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Processing Equipment and Price Required for Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer

Simply put, if cow manure is to be made into organic fertilizer, two core stages of fermentation and fertilizer production are required. Cow manure production organic fertilizer equipment, according to needs, there are three different types of production lines for fertilizer use, namely, large-scale organic fertilizer production lines, medium-sized organic fertilizer production lines, small-scale organic […]

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