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Category: windrow compost turner

Top Benefits Of Using Pig Manure As Fertilizer

Pigs produce a lot of manure so it just makes sense to do something useful from it. Whenever you buy a fertilizer production line that can be done something useful with all the manure as well as market it in order to make a lot of cash. For a low investment, you may make lots […]

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Why a Crawler Type Compost Turner is the simplest way to Ferment Organic Manure?

If you want to ferment organic manure, you’re going to ensure that you hold the equipment you have to get the task done. A crawler-type compost turner is ideal for this. Read for more information about why you should spend money on this kind of machinery. You’ll Achieve Fast Results Fermenting organic manure could be a […]

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What Are the Advantages of Crawler Turning Compost Machine Compared With Wheel Turning Compost Machine?

The crawler-type turning compost machine adopts a crawler walking design, which can move forward, backward, turn and drive by one person. Rotate the knife shaft for mixing, fluffing and conveying. The outstanding technology of this machine is to combine the crushing function of materials in the later stage. With the gradual dehydration of materials, the addition of […]

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