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Category: straw bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Method and Equipment Configuration for Making Organic Fertilizer from Straw

Can livestock and poultry manure and straw be used as organic fertilizer if it is not decomposed? The answer is yes: no One: All kinds of livestock and poultry, including human feces, contain a large number of bacteria, eggs and parasites. Unripe manure cannot be directly applied to crops! Second: The decomposing process of livestock […]

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Technology of Producing Bio-Organic Fertilizer From Straw

Straw organic fertilizer uses compost fermentation technology¬†and inoculates high-speed and high-efficiency organic fertilizer fermentation inoculants to quickly decompose and transform straw cellulose. Various pathogens, weed seeds and roundworm eggs are killed, and the production stability is strong. Bio-organic fertilizer with a complete range of nutrients. The bio-organic fertilizer produced from straw and manure¬†contains a large […]

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