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Category: stirring teeth drum granulator

How About the New Type of Stirring Tooth Granulator And What Scope Is It Suitable For?

The new type of stirring tooth granulator¬†is widely used in the granulation of organic and inorganic fertilizers. Because of its high granulation rate, stable operation, sturdy and durable equipment, and long service life, it is approved by the majority of users. The inner and outer rotary stirring tooth granulator developed and produced by our unit […]

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The Importance of Granular Organic Fertilizer Equipment to Organic Fertilizer

We all know that organic fertilizers can be divided into granular organic fertilizers, powdered organic fertilizers, and liquid organic fertilizers according to their forms. For solid granular or powdery organic fertilizers, granular organic fertilizers are often the priority process for medium and large-scale organic fertilizer processing production lines. Why is this? This is based on […]

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Beautiful and Elegant Rotary Drum Stirring Tooth Two-in-One Granulator

FPC newly developed organic fertilizer rotary drum stirring tooth dual-purpose granulator¬†is a molding machine that can manufacture materials into specific shapes. The rotary type granulator is one of the key equipment in the compound fertilizer industry, which is suitable for the large-scale production of cold and hot granulation and high-, medium- and low-concentration compound fertilizers. […]

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