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Method for Making Organic Fertilizer by Fermentation of Sheep Manure

Recently, people often ask again, can sheep be directly used as fertilizer? Many people think it is possible, but in fact, unfermented sheep manure still belongs to fresh farmyard manure. Although it has a certain fertilizer effect, it still contains a lot of bacteria. weed seeds etc. Because animals do not absorb food nutrients so […]

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How Many Tons of Organic Fertilizer Can 10,000 Sheep Produce Per Year? How to Process?

A farm with 10,000 sheep, how much sheep manure can be produced every day, and how many tons of sheep manure organic fertilizer can be made? Without considering the food intake and feed feeding of the sheep, here is a simple estimate for your reference. An adult produces about 2-3 catties of manure a day. […]

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Method for Fermenting Sheep Manure to Make Organic Fertilizer

The nutrients contained in sheep manure and urine are relatively rich. There are both available nutrients that are easily decomposed and can be absorbed and used by crops, and there are late-acting nutrients that are not easy to decompose. It is a good fertilizer that combines fast and slow fertilizer efficiency. Sheep manure organic fertilizer […]

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