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Category: pig manure and organic fertilizer

What Is The Fast Method To Compost Pig Manure?

Pig manure is the most common farm manure. Although pig manure fermentation does not produce fever, it contains pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs and grass seeds. Without fermentation treatment, it also affects seedling emergence and root absorption effect. So how do you ferment pig manure? How to compost pig manure? Pig manure fermentation tank (high-temperature aerobic […]

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10 Types Of Fertilizer Production Line Designs In 2022

When designing a fertilizer production line, you may elect to create many different formats which will accelerate the process dramatically. While you try out various kinds of fertilizer systems, you may quickly realize that every one could be designed slightly different than other. Only through trial and error can you actually find one which is […]

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How does the Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment Process Organic Fertilizer?

Pig manure organic fertilizer is a kind of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, which can provide sufficient organic matter for crop growth and improve soil quality. So how does pig manure organic fertilizer equipment process pig manure organic fertilizer? Today, FPC pig manure organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer will take you to find out. First, the material ratio. 1.5 tons […]

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How to Deal with Pig Manure in Large Pig Farms?

The treatment of pig manure in large pig farms is a major problem in the breeding industry. Long-term storage will not only attract mosquitoes and flies, but also cause pollution to the surrounding environment and groundwater sources. “Pig manure may be a problem in other farms, but for us, pig manure is a treasure! Nowadays, […]

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How Many Ways are Commonly Used in Pig Manure Treatment?

At present, the main methods of pig manure treatment are: aerobic composting and biogas production. 1) Aerobic composting is to biodegrade the macromolecular organic matter in pig manure under aerobic conditions with the help of aerobic microorganisms to form organic matter similar to humus. Its products can be used as organic fertilizers or soil amendments. […]

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How to Treat Pig Manure into Organic Fertilizer?

The hazard of pig manure to the environment Pig manure is a large amount of feces excreted by pigs in the process of raising pigs. It is a kind of crude fiber, which is mixed with a large amount of urine mucus. Pig manure is a kind of livestock manure that is not easy to […]

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