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Category: Fertilizer Grnaulating Machine

Things Must Know When Use Disc Granulator

Disc granulator is mainly used in cement industry, iron industry and chemical fertilizer industry. It is the main equipment for pelletizing powdery fertilizer. It is inevitable that various failures will occur during the production process. If it cannot be solved in time, it will affect normal production and cause loss of corporate interests. Next, I […]

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Advantages of roller extrusion granulator

The extrusion form of the double-roller extrusion granulator has two types: front discharge and side discharge. The prepared material is feeded from the top of the double-roller extrusion granulator, and there is a vertical screw in the groove. Through the rotation of the screw rod, the material is forcibly sent to the bottom of the […]

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The Best Disk Pelletizer For Quality Organic Fertilizer Production

If you produce a substantial amount of grain with an annual basis, you could be employing a disc pelletizer. These are typically granulators, designed by means of the pan, which will produce this fertilizer through rotation and agitation in the pan itself. You should use these discs on the continual basis. Depending on the maker, […]

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How To Find A Wet Granulation Equipment To Your Fertilizer Plant ?

Wet granulation is probably the most widely used processes for manufacturing fertilizers. Once you choose to use wet granulation to manufacture fertilizers, you may now choose the best wet granulation equipment for the fertilizer plant. It might, however, take commitment to choose the right equipment since there are so many to select from. Here is […]

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