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Category: duck manure composting

How Does A Composting Machine Do On Your Animal Farm?

Flip machine is widely used in the production of organic fertilizer. In addition to the use of fermentation tanks, the production of organic fertilizer can not be separated from this step, so what is the role of flip machine in the end, and why flip operation in the production of organic fertilizer? I’ll explain it […]

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How Is the Powder Finished Organic Fertilizer Made?

The production of powder organic fertilizer is divided into two stages: the first stage is fermentation, and the second stage is to deep-process the fermented semi-finished products! How to make powder organic fertilizer and what equipment is needed? Pre-fermentation stage The raw materials are available, and then we need to use microorganisms to ferment, decompose, and transform the […]

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How to Ferment the Organic Materials with Wheel Type Compost Turner?

The wheel-type compost turning machine adopts a middle chain drive mechanism to drive two large-diameter turning roulettes, symmetric turning, no dead angle adjustable speed shifting trolley, left and right displacement, low energy consumption to complete the large span turning work. In the case of deep stacking of materials, a special energy-saving transmission mechanism is used to complete […]

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