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What Does The Large-Scale Organic Fertilizer Composting Equipment Includes?

What Does The Large-Scale Organic Fertilizer Composting Equipment Includes?

Organic fertilizer production involves aerobic fermentation, a process that utilizes heat generated from composting to achieve maturation. In the fermentation workshops of large-sized organic fertilizer manufacturing companies, large organic fertilizer composting equipment is employed to regularly turn the materials. These compost turners come in various types, each with unique structural principles and turning methods, all of which effectively achieve the desired composting results.

Types of Large-Scale Organic Fertilizer Composting Equipment

1. Chain Plate Compost Turner

Shunxin chain plate compost turners are designed for large fermentation piles. During the turning process, the turner moves both along the length and across the width of the fermentation grooves. Its automated operation and ability to handle extensive composting sites make it an ideal choice for eco-friendly and efficient composting.





Chain Driven Composting Machine
Chain Driven Composting Machine


2. Wheel Type Compost Turner

Wheel compost turners are another variety suited for extensive fermentation sites. It has high turning depth, which can reach 1.5-3 meters. Meanwhile, it has large turning width, which can reach 30 meters. Compared to traditional groove type compost machines, they save space and have a wide turning range, deep turning depth, even high turning efficiency.

Wheel Type Compost Turner
Wheel Type Compost Turner


3. Double Wheel Type Compost Turner

This composter consists of two parallel wheels, each with blades that can rotate and scrape materials. When two wheels rotate relative to each other, the blades scrape the material from one side to the other, forming a pile up. This accumulation can provide good conditions for the fermentation and decomposition of organic fertilizers. Besides, the double wheel type composter is widely used in the production and processing of organic fertilizers, which can improve production efficiency and quality while reducing manual labor intensity.

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Double Wheel Type Compost Turner
Double Wheel Type Compost Turner


Benefits of Large-Scale Organic Fertilizer Composting Equipment

1. Efficient Composting

The large-scale compost turners ensure thorough mixing and aeration, promoting faster and efficient composting of organic materials.

2. Automatic Operation

These machines can be automated, reducing the need for manual labor and ensuring consistent, hassle-free operations.

3. Space and Cost Efficiency

Large-scale composting equipment allows for extensive fermentation without the need for many walls in the pits, saving on construction costs and utilizing space effectively.

4. High-Quality Output

The efficient turning and mixing process lead to the production of high-quality organic fertilizer, rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.


In summary, large-scale organic fertilizer composting equipment plays a pivotal role in modern organic fertilizer production. Among these three types of big composting equipment, the most commonly used ones are chain plate type and wheel type composter. These two machines flip materials more thoroughly, and more importantly, which can easily attach material displacement during the flipping process and effectively achieve the purpose of automatic discharge. For large organic fertilizer plants, a lot of organic fertilizer raw materials need to be processed every day. Thus, you should purchase the large compost equipment by us for the automation of feeding and discharging, resulting in higher production efficiency. Visit this page: for more details!

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