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Organic Fertilizer Making Plant Setup Cost

Organic Fertilizer Making Plant Setup Cost

With the rapid development of agriculture and the massive input of chemical fertilizers, the soil and ecological environment have deteriorated sharply. In this context, organic fertilizers that use livestock manure as raw materials and straw and garden dregs as auxiliary materials have emerged, and the prospects for the production of organic fertilizers are becoming more and more broad.
Many people want to invest in the production of organic fertilizers, but they do not understand the cost of organic fertilizer production. Here we introduce to you who want to engage in or are investing in organic fertilizer production—the following: the conditions and demand costs of running a small organic fertilizer factory:

Raw material cost

The main material of organic fertilizer is usually poultry manure, etc., and the auxiliary materials are straw, garden dregs, mushroom dregs, etc. Because the main and auxiliary materials are “waste” in our usual sense, the price is very cheap, and the cost is almost negligible. Although the cost of raw materials is very low, before deciding to start organic fertilizer manufacturing business, it is necessary to determine whether the supply of raw materials is stable, so as not to affect production due to shortage of raw materials.

Cost of fermentation bacteria

Fermentation can greatly facilitate aerobic fermentation of manure. And it is about 60 yuan per kilogram of high-quality fermented bacteria. We usually buy the original strains, which can be multiplied with brown sugar water and cornmeal. 1 kg of strains can be multiplied into 10 kg.

Electricity cost

For small-scale production lines, the power is generally around 70 kilowatts. Based on the energy consumption ratio of 80%, the power consumption is 60 degrees per hour, and 3 tons of organic fertilizer can be produced per hour with a samll scale organic fertilizer making line, so the cost of electricity is 20 yuan/ton.

Packaging cost

Since organic fertilizers are sold externally, packaging is required, and the packaging cost is about 50 yuan/ton.

Labor costs

The organic fertilizer making plant generally needs to be equipped with 1 forklift worker, 1 fermentation agent blender, 2 packers, 1 mechanic, and 1 electrician. According to the salary of 200 yuan per person per day, the labor cost for one day is 1200 yuan, which is 50 yuan per ton when calculated as organic fertilizer.

Area cost

Organic fertilizers do not have high requirements on the plant, and only need basic civil engineering. The cost is about 300,000 yuan (radical estimate, different places), but the service life can reach 20 years or even longer, and it is equally divided into organic fertilizers per ton. Fertilizer, the cost is very low.

Fertilizer produced by SX ferttilizer making line
Fertilizer produced by SX ferttilizer making line

Equipment cost

According to different fertilizer shapes, the equipment can be divided into powder organic fertilizer production line and granular organic fertilizer production line.
Powder organic fertilizer production system configuration: turning machine—vertical pulverizer—sieving machine—batching machine—horizontal mixer—single bucket packaging machine. The specific price depends on the machine configuration and production capacity. A complete set of production lines generally starts at 200,000.

Granular organic fertilizer production line configuration: turning machine—vertical pulverizer—drum screening machine—batching machine—horizontal mixer—disc granulator—dryer and cooling Machine—drum screening machine—round throwing machine—coating machine–single-bucket packing machine. The specific price depends on the machine configuration and production capacity. A complete set of production lines generally starts at five or six hundred thousand. Click here to know more about organic fertilizer equipment.

In the initial stage of investment, the cost of equipment accounts for a large part, but the equipment can usually be used for about 12 years after routine maintenance, and the cost is relatively low when it is evenly divided into each ton of organic fertilizer. In the initial stage, equipment can also be purchased according to the actual situation, and it is not necessary to invest and build a complete production line as soon as it comes up. This cost calculation is only for your reference, and the detailed cost needs to be calculated according to the actual situation. If you want to know the latest cost of organic fertilizer making equipment, you can click to contact SX.

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