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Common Equipment For Organic Fertilizer Fermentation

Common Equipment For Organic Fertilizer Fermentation

Equipment used in the pre-fermentation stage


Some organic fertilizer composting raw materials or auxiliary materials are too long or too large to be used directly, so they need to be broken and fermented. For example, straw, straw, branches, etc. are difficult to ferment directly. They need to be broken into 2-3 cm or smaller particles as auxiliary or main materials, and then add bacteria for fermentation. Here, SX manure crusher can help you a lot.

solid-liquid separator

TheĀ  farms waste cannot be used directly due to the excessive water content. It is necessary to use a solid-liquid separator to dehydrate the feces before making farm waste into compost fertilizer.

Take the extrusion bin diameter of 300 mm as an example. The motor power of the main engine (dehydrator) is 5.5 kilowatts (with reducer), and the motor power of the suction pump is 4 kilowatts. Treat 20 cubic meters of mixed liquid per hour, 15% chicken manure solids, 6 cubic meters of chicken manure after extrusion, 40% cow manure solids, and 8 cubic meters of cow dung.

Dewatering machine for manure water removal
Dewatering machine for manure water removal

Equipment used in fermentation


The necessary equipment for fertilizer composting. Mainly used for transfer and stacking of organic matter during fermentation. In the deep processing stage, sometimes a forklift is needed to transport the semi-finished product of fermentation or other added raw materials to the processing workshop.

Compost turner

It is suitable for the fermentation of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge garbage, sugar filter mud, dross cake and straw scale sawdust. It is a necessary fermentation equipment for large and medium-sized organic fertilizer production enterprises. This equipment is mainly used under aerobic fermentation conditions to supply oxygen to organic materials and fermentation strains, to promote their rapid and sufficient decomposition and drying and dehydration, and to prepare for subsequent processing. It is divided into trough type compost turner and ground type compost turner. Click here to learn more about compost machine

What machine can be used in fertilizer composting

Ground-type compost turner (no trail, diesel or electric power)

It is also known as windrow compost macine. It can be divided into moving type and crawler type compost turner. No trail. Turning operations can be performed directly on the ground. Simple operation, with crushing function, can turn around on the spot. high working efficiency. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer production enterprises with large sites.

Trench compost turner (rail, electric power)

It is suitable for fermentation materials with relatively dry raw materials or light specific gravity. According to the span of the fermentation trench, the trench-type compost turning machine can be divided into models ranging from 2 to 20 meters. There are various types of trough-type compost turning, including reciprocating type, chain plate type, and wheel type. Customize. Organic fertilizer production enterprises can choose appropriate turning equipment according to their annual production capacity. Choose a trough turner with a span of less than 4 meters, and it is recommended to have a hydraulic lifting system, otherwise, if the raw material has a high water content, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to composting and fermentation! For fermentation tanks without ventilation pipes at the bottom A small hole can be left every 1.5 meters below the bottom. Aperture 12×12 cm. It is convenient to enter oxygen and drain water when turning.

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