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How To Buy The Best Organic Fertilizer Granulator

How To Buy The Best Organic Fertilizer Granulator

At present, in the hot organic fertilizer equipment market, there are various types of organic fertilizer granulation equipment, and organic fertilizer granulation equipment manufacturers all over the country, which also makes users have doubts when purchasing organic fertilizer granulators. Which granulator is the best one for you. In detail, the best organic fertilizer granulation equipment has the following four characteristics as reference.

1. One of the characteristics of the best organic fertilizer granulator is: the qualified rate of the produced granules is high, and the return rate is low. The granulation rate of the organic fertilizer granulator can effectively ensure production capacity and save resources and energy. If the perfect granulation rate is 100% , the current fertilizer pelleting making rate on the market has several grades in turn. The granulation rate of 95%-98% is the best, followed by the 90%-95% granulation rate. , and the granulation rate of 85%-90% is the first grade. For this, SX can provide you with fertilizer pelleting equipment with granulating rate.

The following is a comparison of these granulation rates.The organic fertilizer making line with an annual output of 10,000 tons has a granulation rate of 98%, a return rate of 200 tons a year, and an hourly processing capacity of about 3-4 tons with an annual output of 10,000 tons. That is to say, it takes at least 50 hours to process the return material. If the return rate is high, reaching more than 15%, you need to take a lot of time to processing them. This is a waste of resources and a waste of manpower.
⒉The granules produced by a good organic fertilizer pelletizer have high hardness and moderate roundness. Organic fertilizer raw materials are processed from relatively fluffy organic matter, and the processed fertilizer particles are also relatively fluffy. In particular, the organic fertilizer granules processed by the early granulator have poor hardness and easily damaged granule structure. After years of process improvement, many granulator equipment can now process moderate hardness, round and smooth organic fertilizer granules, such as SX new organic fertilizer granulator and drum granulator, as well as disc granulator. Click here for more details

Rotary drum granulating machine for sale
Rotary drum granulating machine for sale

3. The best organic fertilizer granulator has good coordination with entire organic fertilizer production line and other organic fertilizer equipment. During the granulation, the feeding and discharging will reach a corresponding and reasonable level with other equipment, so as not to block and keep feeding.
4. The best organic fertilizer granulator also has the characteristics of good quality performance, convenient and simple operation and convenient maintenance. As the key equipment for fertilizer production, organic fertilizer granulators include relatively simple new organic fertilizer granulators and drum granulators. There is also a disc granulator that is a little more complicated for granulation processing operations. Here, the complex operation of the disc granulator is that it is not easy to control the humidity of the material during the granulation process.
The current mainstream granulators include rotary drum granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, roller extrusion granulator and disc granulator. In addition to these, there are also such as flat die granulator, drum stirring tooth granulator and so on. If you are interested in it, you can check for details

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