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In-vessel Composting Machine To Compost Manure Fast!

In-vessel Composting Machine To Compost Manure Fast!

The tank-type organic aerobic fermenter utilizes the decomposition of microorganisms in nature, and uses the activity of aerobic microorganisms to undergo continuous aerobic fermentation in a sealed fermenter to decompose organic materials, and produce high-temperature heap materials for decomposing. Deodorization kills pathogenic parasites, germs and other harmful substances, reduces the moisture content of the material, reduces the volume, and produces an organic fertilizer rich in organic matter. Aerobic fermentation is a treatment method for obtaining organic fertilizer with less odor and energy saving.


  1. tank fermentation principle


Using a water tower structure, a batch of manure is put in every day, and a batch of organic fertilizer is produced every day. The fast fermentation for chicken manure does not add any auxiliary materials. The manure is automatically put in every day, and the six-layer fermentation chamber is automatically filled with manure. The fermentation cycle is about 7 days, and the high temperature and constant temperature of 60-70 degrees is aerobic aerobic fermentation. It can be continuously fermented with one input of bacteria, pigs, chickens, cattle, sheep, duck manures, urban sludge, and the moisture content of less than 70% can be treated, and the dead livestock and poultry can be fermented harmlessly. The moisture content of the output organic fertilizer is about 30%, the whole fermentation of manure process is closed, and the waste gas is discharged harmlessly, which solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by manure.

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2.  THe design of in vessel composting system


1 feeding layer, 2 preheating layer, 3 heating layer, 4 high temperature layer, 5 cooling layer, 6 clinker layer


3.  How to use a fermentation tank?


Every day, the rotted clinker is unloaded, and then fresh manure is added. Every 3 cubic meters of manure produces 1 cubic meter of fermented chicken manure.


4. Processing capacity


1. The diameter of the tank is 6 meters and 100. The daily treatment is 12 cubic meters of manure, 100,000 eggs, and 6,000 fattening pigs and dry pig manure.


2. The diameter of the in vessel composting systems is 5.5 meters, and the height of the tank is 100 meters. It can process 12 cubic meters of manure per day.


3. The diameter of the tank is 5.5 meters, and it is of type 86. It can process 9-10 cubic meters of manure, 80,000-90,000 eggs, and 5,000 fattening pigs with dry pig manure per day.


Blister manure and pig manure should be separated from wet and dry before being put into the tank, and the moisture content is less than 70% before they can be put into the tank for treatment. Just use a manure rotary dryer.


5.  The advantages of fermentation tanks compared with turners


(1). Space saving: It occupies a small area, does not require a large-scale fermentation field, and can also be installed in the open air. It is a movable organic fertilizer making plant;


(2). Fast fermentation;

In Vessel Composting Equipment for Sale

(3). Good thermal insulation, not limited by seasonal cold;


(4). The sealed fermentation process does not cause secondary pollution, deodorizes 99%, breaks through the traditional composting method, and realizes the industrialization of making organic fertilizer from manure;


(5). Direct addition: no need to add auxiliary materials, directly put into fresh poultry manure for fermentation;


(6). Intelligent: intelligent control, no manual operation is required in other links except feeding and feeding in the fermentation process; only one person can operate multiple automatic chicken manure fermentation machine. Input livestock manure raw materials to automatically produce organic fertilizer;


(7). The output is large, the added value is high, the processing capacity can be increased according to the needs, and multiple sets can be installed;


(8). Durability: The three-layer structure of the fermentation tank is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and has a long service time;


(9). Flexible operation: continuous feeding can be adopted every day, and batch production can also be carried out in whole and out;


(10). Good: The beneficial flora formed by aerobic bacteria can kill harmful bacteria in the raw materials. The processed product is fermented chicken manure with high content of fermented chicken manure.  The process of using chicken manure as fertilizer is possible, without burning seedlings, without insects, and without producing harmful bacteria.


(11). Low operating cost.


(12). Produce pure fermented chicken manure, which is good for sale.


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