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What Is The Fast Method To Compost Pig Manure?

What Is The Fast Method To Compost Pig Manure?

Pig manure is the most common farm manure. Although pig manure fermentation does not produce fever, it contains pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs and grass seeds. Without fermentation treatment, it also affects seedling emergence and root absorption effect. So how do you ferment pig manure?

How to compost pig manure? Pig manure fermentation tank (high-temperature aerobic fermentation tank) the basic process is divided into the upper material, aerobic fermentation, discharging, resource utilization (organic material), to the high degree of automation, sealing ability is strong, does not produce secondary pollution, one of the most important link for aerobic fermentation part, make full use of the processing of composting pig manure before the activity of microbes to organic matter decomposition, It produces high temperature to mature the material, so as to kill pathogens, bacteria and other harmful substances. In the process of drying pig manure fertilizer, the moisture content of the material decreases continuously, and the volume decreases. Fermented materials can be used as organic fertilizer raw materials for agricultural production, and truly realize the purpose of harmless, reduction and resource recovery.

Fermentation tank for fast composting
Automatica fermentation tank for sale

Pig composting machine (high temperature aerobic fermenter) equipment outstanding advantages are: the contact with the material are made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance; Tank body adopts double layer insulation structure, normal operation in winter; With ventilation stirring device, can greatly improve fermentation speed and quality.

The affordable aerobic fermentation compost machine is mainly composed of fermentation chamber, hydraulic spindle transmission system, feeding and lifting system, automatic discharging system, high pressure air supply system, deodorization system and intelligent control system.

Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients, rich organic matter, can strengthen microbial activities, lasting fertilizer effect, not only can supply crop nutrition needs, but also can improve the soil water, heat and ventilation conditions, improve soil ripening. The main method to increase soil organic matter is to increase the application of organic fertilizer, including human and animal manure, soil fertilizer, straw, commercial organic fertilizer, etc. China has been a big agricultural country since ancient times with a long history of farming and long-term accumulated experience in the development of fertilizers, among which organic fertilizers have always played an important role in traditional agricultural production in the past, organic fertilizers played an important role.

pig manure composting machine for sale

Equipment features:

1. Less energy consumption and low operating cost; Small floor area, each equipment only covers an area of 50-60 square meters, low cost of basic investment equipment;

2, high degree of automation, the combination of PLC and host computer to achieve remote control;

3, the treatment process is completely closed, no secondary pollution;

4, the use of biological deodorization, waste gas discharge standards in the process of making fertiliser from pig manure;

5, internal stainless steel 304 material, corrosion resistance, long service life;

6, equipped with auxiliary air supply heating device, to ensure the normal operation of equipment under low temperature environment, fan Hitachi and Showa, product quality.

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