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How to make organic fertilizer from pig manure?

How to make organic fertilizer from pig manure?

Pig manure is a good raw material for making organic fertilizer, which is not only rich in a large amount of organic matter, but also contains various nutrients required for crops, so how to make pig manure into organic fertilizer? Let’s talk to you today.

In general, the use of pig manure as fertilizer is divided into two parts, the first is the fermentation of the early material, and the second is the deep processing in the later stage.

First, how to ferment pig manure

When using pig manure as a raw material for fermentation of making organic fertilizer, the following points need to be paid attention to:

1, adjust the raw material carbon-nitrogen ratio, organic fertilizer raw materials before fermentation, carbon-nitrogen ratio control at 25:1 is relatively reasonable, that is to say, can be added in pig manure 50% of straw rice hulls and other plant residues as excipients to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio between raw materials.

2, adjust the moisture of raw materials, raw materials before fermentation should be controlled at about 55%. Too much moisture or too little moisture will cause the raw materials not to heat up when fermenting. The simple way to distinguish is to grasp the raw materials by hand and see the water without dripping. When the moisture of fresh feces is too large, it is necessary to remove the two waters with the help of a solid-liquid separator, and then dilute it with excipients, and the raw material moisture is too small to use livestock and poultry urine or water to mix.

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3. Temperature control

First of all, the fermentation peripheral ambient temperature should be ensured to be no less than 10 ° C. Secondly, the compost manure preparation is divided into four cycles: heating, constant temperature, high temperature and cooling. The main control is the high temperature stage, when the continuous heating of the material reaches the constant temperature stage, it will be forgiven for harmful bacteria, weed seeds and insect eggs to death, but the temperature should not exceed 70 ° C. Otherwise, it will cause the loss of beneficial bacteria, so in the high temperature period, the organic fertilizer fermentation piler should be used for flipping and temperature control.

Using the above methods, pig manure raw materials can be successfully fermented into qualified organic fertilizers, but commercialized organic fertilizers need further processing.

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Commercial organic fertilizers are divided into two types, namely powdered fertilizers and granular fertilizers:

Powdered organic fertilizer:

The use of semi-wet material crusher will be fermented pig manure organic fertilizer fine crushing can be, each time the crushed organic fertilizer raw materials will have a small part of the crushing is not thorough enough, need to use the screening machine to screen it out, for secondary crushing, the use of belt conveyor, the entire process will be connected, the formation of process production, then the production of powdered organic fertilizer equipment includes, the main production line: feed silo – belt machine – semi-wet material crusher – drum screening machine – belt machine – packaging machine. Sub-production line: a belt machine connected to the screening machine – pulverizer.

Granular organic fertilizer:

The production of granular organic fertilizer should be based on the basis of powdered fertilizer, starting from after the raw material crusher and moving the screening machine backwards. The complete process of making organic fertilizer is: main production line, crushing – stirring – granulation – drying – cooling – screening – packaging. Sub-production line 1: The belt machine connects the screening machine and the pulverizer for crushing and re-granulation of excessively large particles. Sub-production line 2: The belt machine connects the screening machine and the organic fertilizer granulation machine for re-granulation of too small particles.


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