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How does the cattle farm use the production line of organic fertilizer equipment to process cow manure organic fertilizer

How does the cattle farm use the production line of organic fertilizer equipment to process cow manure organic fertilizer

Now the state strongly supports organic fertilizer agriculture, for some places subsidies support, cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment processing biological organic fertilizer entrepreneurship is the dream of many farmers friends.  Cattle are anti-animal, therefore, the digestion of cattle feed is more thorough, protein, fat and other digestible substances in cow dung content is small, mainly crude fiber.  And because of the thorough digestion, the fecal texture is fine, high water content, not easy ventilation, low fermentation temperature.

Using of cow manure as fertilizer has many benefits, here are a few examples:

1, improve the soil, make the land become fertile, because cow dung belongs to cold fertilizer, and cattle are herbivores, cow dung protein content is low, more grass fiber, suitable for soil texture damage in the field application, can improve the soil permeability, increase soil nutrition.

2, increase crop yield, improve quality, organic fertilizer rich in crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and other nutrients, after the decomposition of organic fertilizer, for providing energy and nutrient, soil microbial activities promote microbial activity, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, can promote crop growth, improve the quality of agricultural products of the active material.

3, improve fertilizer utilization rate, organic fertilizer contains a lot of nutrients, but the relative content is low, slow release, and fertilizer is rich in nutrients, high composition, less composition, fast release, both reasonable application, complement each other, organic matter decomposition of organic acids can also promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients in soil and fertilizer.

In order to achieve these purposes, processing of cow dung compost fertilizer needs what equipment


Groove type composting machine for cow dung
Cattle manure composting machine for sale

(1) measuring equipment should have 20 kg or smaller small scale, usually using loadometer.

(2) Crushing equipment includes coarse crushing equipment and fine crushing equipment, coarse crushing equipment is mainly used for crushing before sorting, using semi-wet sorting crusher. Fine crushing equipment is mainly used for the second crushing after separation, to meet the requirements of fermentation particle size, generally using semi-wet crusher (fine crushing).

(3) sorting equipment is mainly in order to remove plastic, glass, stone, metal and other non-alcoholic substances in livestock and poultry feces, can use vibrating screen sorting thick glass, stone and metal, magnetic metal sorting by magnetic separator.

(4) Feeding equipment is the material to be treated by the storage area or storage pool to the processing facilities, can use conveyor belt, front-end bucket loader, plate feeder, etc.

(5) The mixing equipment adopts twin screw mixer, disc mixer, etc., and the proportioned materials are evenly and quantitatively transported to the fermentation equipment after mixing and stirring.


Dewater machine for making cattle manure fertilizer
Solid liquid separator for sale


Therefore, processing cow manure into organic fertilizer can consider first adopts the extrusion method for separating dry wet material, take full advantage of the characteristics of high cellulose content in dry matter for edible fungus culture medium, such as mushroom culture medium, and then cultivate edible fungi substrate for organic fertilizer manufacturing material, after manure part can enter the biogas fermentation to produce biogas, after fermentation residue and organic manure composting fermentation production, The water after fermentation can be directly used for crops or concentrated to make liquid organic fertilizer.

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