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How To Turn Your Composting Pile Faster To Speed Up The Composting Process

How To Turn Your Composting Pile Faster To Speed Up The Composting Process

Composting is a process that can take several months. It is a natural system or decomposition through what is called the aerobic method. The organic waste that you place in a pile will naturally decompose. However, it can take a considerable amount of time if you do not turn the pile over. This allows for the aeration of the bacteria in the pile to accelerate the process of decomposition. You can do this by hand, or you can use a machine or apparatus to accelerate this process significantly. This is how you can turn a composting pile automatically, using different apparatuses, that can accelerate the composting process significantly.


How The Composting Process Occurs

The process begins with microorganisms that will begin to break down the existing organic matter. This aerobic process will lead to the byproducts of hummus, heat, water, ammonia, and also carbon dioxide. There are three separate stages including the mesophilic, thermophilic, and cooling process. Essentially, everything will heat up, and these byproducts will be produced, eventually producing the compost.

Why Turning The Compost Pile Accelerates Composting

The reason that composting occurs is because of the microorganisms. However, in a pile that has far too much carbon-based material, this process will be very slow. The microorganisms, like any other living entity, will need access to oxygen. By turning compost pile over, you aerate the pile, thus minimizing the amount of carbon in association with the microorganisms. At the same time, you also provide them with more oxygen.

Are There Machines That Will Do This?

There are different ways of composting animal manure. You can use a simple apparatus where you place the compost in a drum that is turned frequently. The other option is to create a long row of composting material. You can then use a large machine, that you can drive directly over the compost, turning the material as you move along. All of these will accelerate the process of composting. It just depends on how much compost you would like to produce.


WIndrow type composting machine for animal manure fertilizer production
Animal manure composting machine turns compost


Machines For Accelerating Composting

The two best choices will depend on how much compost you want to produce. A compost tumbler is a great solution for a small farming operation or even a garden. This is a drum that you can manually turn by cranking it from time to time. This will cause the material to tumble inside. The other option is to use a tractor-mounted compost turner. This can simply be driven over the top of the compost piles to turn the material. Both of these will increase the speed at which compost will be produced without having to do too much at all.


By using these simple systems for accelerating the production of compost, you can implement these with your small or large business operations. The cost of each machine will depend on how many you need and the manufacturer that you obtain from. You may even want to consider getting multiple units if you want to expand your business operations. The more compost you have to work with, the easier it will be to properly fertilize the soil in which your crops will grow.

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