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How does the Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment Process Organic Fertilizer?

How does the Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment Process Organic Fertilizer?

Pig manure organic fertilizer is a kind of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, which can provide sufficient organic matter for crop growth and improve soil quality. So how does pig manure organic fertilizer equipment process pig manure organic fertilizer? Today, FPC pig manure organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer will take you to find out.

Machine Used in Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line

First, the material ratio.

1.5 tons of pig manure, about 2.5 tons of fresh manure, add 1 kg of fertilizer starter, the starter needs to be replaced with rice bran, or bran, corn flour, etc., and mix it with a fertilizer mixer at a ratio of 1:5. Then evenly sprinkle it into the pig manure pile. After mixing and mixing, it is best to add some straw or mushroom residue to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio.

  1. Material stacking

When making a pile, it should not be made too short. If it is too small, the fermentation effect will be affected. At the same, it is easy for the manure composting turner machine to work.

Third, the temperature requirements

The starting temperature should be controlled above 15 degrees. It can be operated in all seasons and will not be affected by the season. In winter, fermentation should be done indoors or in a greenhouse to meet the temperature requirements.

Fourth, moisture requirements

The moisture content of fermented materials should be controlled at about 65%. If it is too high or too low, it will not be conducive to fermentation. If there is too little water, the fermentation speed will be slow; The methods of adjusting the moisture content of the material are as follows: if the moisture content is too high, you can add straw, sawdust, mushroom residue or dry soil powder. The method of judging whether the moisture is suitable is: grasp a handful of materials with your hands, see the watermark between your fingers but not dripping water, and spread out immediately after landing.

Dynamic windrow turner machine
  1. Turning the heap for ventilation

During the fermentation process, attention should be paid to proper oxygen supply and turning the heap. After the temperature rises to 75 degrees, a turner should be used to turn the heap several times. The temperature can be controlled to about 65 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the nutrients.

Sixth, the fermentation is completed

Usually, the fermentation can be completed in a week, the material is dark brown, and the temperature begins to drop to room temperature, indicating that the fermentation has been completed. If there are many auxiliary materials such as sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, etc., it is necessary to extend the fermentation time appropriately until the materials are fully decomposed.

The above is the processing process of pig manure organic fertilizer. You can refer to it. If you have any questions or needs about the production of organic fertilizer, please feel free to consult the FPC organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer. We will provide you with complete equipment solutions and technical support.

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