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Method for Making Organic Fertilizer by Fermentation of Sheep Manure

Method for Making Organic Fertilizer by Fermentation of Sheep Manure

Recently, people often ask again, can sheep be directly used as fertilizer? Many people think it is possible, but in fact, unfermented sheep manure still belongs to fresh farmyard manure. Although it has a certain fertilizer effect, it still contains a lot of bacteria. weed seeds etc. Because animals do not absorb food nutrients so fully, they still need to undergo harmless fermentation treatment to better utilize the value of sheep manure.

Organic Fertilizer Process of Sheep Manure Fermentation

The key treatment step of organic fertilizer is the fermentation process. Due to the different temperatures in various places, and even the temperature in some areas is not high all year round, this has a great influence on the fermentation time of organic fertilizers. The normal fermentation time in the Central Plains is mostly about 10 days. With the influence of different temperatures in different regions, the entire fermentation period can be about 7-20 days. The most common fermentation method is tank fermentation, of course, there are other methods. The trough fermentation is to use civil engineering to build a cement tank with a width of 3 meters and a length of 50 meters, and then install tracks on the walls on both sides. Put the raw materials of sheep manure into the tank, generally stacking height is about 70 cm, and then adjust the moisture of the raw materials. When the moisture is too large, add organic plant residues such as straw powder and rice husks. It is advisable to adjust the moisture to 60%, add organic fertilizer to start fermentation, and generally one kilogram of starter can ferment about 10 tons of raw materials. During the fermentation process, the trough type composting turner is used for two days-times to turn the heap, or toss according to the temperature of the raw materials. until fermentation is complete.

sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Other processing technology after sheep manure fermentation

In fact, after the sheep manure is fermented, it is an organic fertilizer, but in order to reach the standard of commercial organic fertilizer, the next step of processing is required.

  1. Add the auxiliary materials according to the formula ratio, and mix the raw materials and auxiliary materials evenly through the organic fertilizer blender. For pure sheep manure organic fertilizer, this step can be skipped.
  2. Pulverize, use an organic fertilizer pulverizer to pulverize the raw materials to a uniform particle size. After pulverization, the appearance of the raw materials is the same, and the appearance is exquisite and the organic content is uniform. The crushed organic fertilizer can be sold if someone buys it.
  3. Some markets are more keen on granular organic fertilizers, so they need to be further processed into granular organic fertilizers, which require the use of an organic fertilizer granulator, which can directly process powdered organic fertilizers into granular organic fertilizers. Granular organic fertilizers are of higher quality and more popular, and they are also more expensive.

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