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What Are the Benefits of Using An Organic Fertilizer Turner for the Production and Fermentation of Organic Fertilizers?

What Are the Benefits of Using An Organic Fertilizer Turner for the Production and Fermentation of Organic Fertilizers?

The raw materials for the production of organic fertilizers are relatively wide, and the more common ones are chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and other livestock and poultry manure. Such raw materials need to undergo biological fermentation, and then make them reach the standard of harmless treatment, so as to further make commercial organic fertilizers.

Wheel Type compost turner machine for cow manure powder fertilizer production

Determine the fermentation site, the site required for ground fermentation needs to be open, and the site needs to be level, so as to facilitate large-scale fermentation production. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of raw materials is relatively large, and a certain proportion of dry materials need to be added for moisture adjustment, such as straw powder, mushroom residue, etc.

Take chicken manure as an example, stack the chicken manure strips on the site, sprinkle the special fermenting agent for organic fertilizer on the surface of the raw materials, and add dry ingredients/auxiliaries in an appropriate amount according to the size of the moisture. The general ratio of raw materials: auxiliary materials is 3:1, The width and height of the bar stack are determined according to the respective compost turner model.

Hydraulic Crawler-Type Compost Turner Machine

Take the pile turner as an example, the pile body is 2 meters wide and 0.8 meters high, and the length depends on the length of the site. Then the turner straddles the pile of chicken manure strips, and evenly turns, stirs, and crushes the raw materials, so that the chicken manure, dry auxiliary materials and bacteria can be fully stirred. There are large pieces of dry materials and accessories, and the large pieces can also be opened and broken under the action of the manure fermentation composting turner.

After the turner turns the pile, a new stack is formed, and the new pile is in a fluffy and loose state, which creates a favorable aerobic state for material fermentation, which is very beneficial to the production and fermentation of organic fertilizer. In such a state, the turned pile body can rise to a high temperature within 24 hours, and the pile body can be maintained at a high temperature for 2-3 days before turning over. This state has basically become fat in 7 days. In the high temperature, the bacteria and insects in the chicken manure will be killed, and the macromolecular protein will be decomposed into small molecular protein which is beneficial to the crops to absorb. The biological fermentation process can effectively prevent the production of harmful and malodorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, and indole in the feces, and completely remove the odor in chicken manure.

In Vessel Composting Equipment for Sale

With high temperature and turning over, the moisture in the raw materials will gradually decrease. The general fermentation cycle is 12-15 days. After the fermentation is completed, the heap can be closed, and the moisture will also drop to about 35%. You can continue to the next step of deep processing, screening, crushing, granulation and so on. As long as the early fermentation work is done well, the quality of the organic fertilizer will be better, and the later deep processing will be easier.

Therefore, the role of the composting turner in the production and application of organic fertilizer is very critical. It is very important to choose a suitable high-quality and low-cost organic fertilizer turner. Some customers want to save costs and use forklifts instead. , In fact, the role of the forklift is far less than a dedicated turning equipment for organic fertilizer, and the cost will not be reduced.

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