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How to Use Organic Fertilizer Production Line to Deal with the Pollution of Animal Husbandry

How to Use Organic Fertilizer Production Line to Deal with the Pollution of Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry pollution mostly refers to the manure produced by livestock and poultry during the livestock husbandry process, but a small part also refers to the residues of toxic and hazardous substances contained in livestock products and other wastes. So far, in rural areas, the main source of pollution is pollution from livestock and poultry breeding. The most suitable way to deal with livestock and poultry pollution is to use organic fertilizer production lines.

sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

According to the actual survey, the data is very alarming. The amount of manure and urine produced by 1,000 dairy cows per day is as high as 50 tons; 1,000 fattening pigs can produce 4 tons of manure per day; 10,000 laying hens produce about 2 tons of manure per day, and so on. It is conceivable that if these feces are not professionally treated, they will have a very serious impact on the environment. The first is water pollution and air pollution, and the second is that small manufacturers are not willing to spend money to deal with these things, leading to the growth of bacteria and easy to cause. Infectious diseases such as bird flu.

Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned types of events, we can use organic fertilizer production lines to scientifically and meticulously kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs in livestock and poultry manure, which can ensure that the nutrients in the manure will not be lost, and the manure The harmful ingredients are removed, so as to reach the standard of harmless hygiene. In addition, the manure produced by animal husbandry can also be reused and recycled. One is to build a biogas digester to process and transport the biogas produced by the degradation of livestock and poultry manure to residential users; the other is to use an organic production line to turn manure into organic fertilizer through organic fertilizer equipment.

Cow Manure Powder&Granules Production Line

It can be seen that the organic fertilizer production line occupies the importance of the pollution treatment of animal husbandry, and in our daily life, not only can the waste generated by livestock and poultry be processed through the organic fertilizer production line, but also the processed waste The products are returned to the farmland to meet the nutritional needs of vegetable growth. It really kills two birds with one stone!

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