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Method for Fermenting Sheep Manure to Make Organic Fertilizer

Method for Fermenting Sheep Manure to Make Organic Fertilizer

The nutrients contained in sheep manure and urine are relatively rich. There are both available nutrients that are easily decomposed and can be absorbed and used by crops, and there are late-acting nutrients that are not easy to decompose. It is a good fertilizer that combines fast and slow fertilizer efficiency. Sheep manure organic fertilizer can improve soil quality, prevent soil compaction, and increase economic value. However, sheep dung must be fermented before it can be applied to farmland. Because sheep manure contains coliforms, nematodes and other pathogens and pests directly applied to the farmland, it will cause the spread of plant diseases and insect pests, crop disease, and also cause burning roots and seedlings. Therefore, the sheep manure needs to be fermented to be more effective.

The specific steps of fermenting sheep dung to make organic fertilizer:

  • The collected sheep manure is mixed with sawdust, straw, mushroom residue and other auxiliary materials in proportion. The amount of auxiliary materials added is determined according to the moisture content of the sheep manure, and the moisture content is about 45%. The water does not drip, and it disperses when it hits the ground.
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  • Put the mixed materials into the fermentation tank and start aerobic fermentation. The fermentation temperature is controlled at 60-70℃, and the compost turning machine is used every two days to turn.The function of turning and throwing is to increase the oxygen content of the material, speed up the fermentation process, adjust the temperature of the material, and the turning machine has crushing and shifting. Function to make the material mixing more evenly. The fermentation time is generally 5-10 days, and the fermented materials will have a fluffy appearance, dark brown, and no foul smell.
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  • After the fermentation is completed, the material needs to be pulverized by a biomass pulverizer and ground into powder, which is conducive to later granulation. Biomass pulverizer is suitable for materials with considerable moisture and a certain viscosity. After pulverization, the particle size of the crushed materials is relatively wide, and the output particle size is below 16 mesh.
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  • After crushing the material, it can be granulated by an organic fertilizer granulator machine. The granulation methods are: disc granulator, drum granulator and extrusion granulator. Generally speaking, the capacity of the extrusion granulator is more The disc granulator is high, and the drum granulator has a higher capacity than the extrusion granulator. You can choose your own granulation method according to the factory’s capacity.
  • After the granulation is completed, it must be dried and dehydrated. According to the organic fertilizer standards issued by our family, the moisture content of commercial organic fertilizers needs to be less than 20%.
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The above are the steps for making ordinary organic fertilizer. You can also add a certain amount of bacteria to make bio-organic fertilizer according to market demand, or add some chemical fertilizers to make organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.

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