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Precautions for the Temperature Control Details of the First Test Machine of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Precautions for the Temperature Control Details of the First Test Machine of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Organic fertilizers can be described as sweet pastries in current agricultural production. The safety of agricultural products and soil safety force people to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, agricultural products with reasonable use of organic fertilizers taste better and are deeply loved by people. This is also the trend that the demand for organic fertilizer equipment has increased year by year in the past two years. The main reason for the attention of organic fertilizer equipment is that the standardized operation of organic fertilizer equipment has also become the focus of people’s attention. Today, let’s talk about the first operation of organic fertilizer. Precautions for the equipment, as well as some operational details and use process matters.

Machine Used in Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line

First of all, the start-up preparation of the organic fertilizer equipment:

It is the first time to use organic fertilizer processing equipment, because the components of the new equipment have not been run-in, so the pre-heating treatment of the equipment for the first start-up is very important. The pre-heating process generally requires about half an hour to 40 minutes. The detailed operation method is to raise the temperature to the motor V-belt by hand until it is comfortable, and then pull the motor continuously for 8-10 times in accordance with the normal working options. Then continue to heat up for about 10 minutes.

Chicken manure fermentation pot


Secondly, the temperature control of the organic fertilizer making equipment after startup:

Before starting the machine, we have carried out a preliminary temperature adjustment of the equipment. The processing of the materials during the production process is determined according to the characteristics of the materials themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to heat up after the start-up, because the normal production needs to continue to add heat; Adjust different temperatures according to different properties of materials.

Furthermore, in the normal working state, the temperature control of the organic fertilizer equipment:

During normal operation, the temperature of the machine should be kept stable, and should not fluctuate. Near the vent hole, the temperature of the machine head should be kept at about 200°C. Under this temperature, most materials can generally be processed well. The service life of organic fertilizer equipment is not fixed. If you want to have equipment with a longer service life, the normal maintenance and use of the equipment is also the above is the operation details and matters of the organic fertilizer equipment before it is put into production. It is not difficult to see that the temperature control affects the equipment during the first test of the organic fertilizer equipment. Proper operation can effectively extend the service life of the equipment. This is the operation details of the organic fertilizer equipment when it is turned on and working normally.

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