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The Maintenance of Organic Fertilizer Equipment Is very Important

The Maintenance of Organic Fertilizer Equipment Is very Important

As the saying goes, good organic fertilizer equipment has five points for quality and five points for maintenance. It can be seen that the maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment is also very important in the use of the entire equipment. Organic fertilizer equipment is also a very seasonal industry. It is not produced all year round. There must be a period of rest during the year. How should we maintain our organic fertilizer equipment during a long-term shutdown? FPC experts will help us explain in detail how to maintain the organic fertilizer equipment.

Organic Fertilizer Producing Line Flow Chart
  1. Most of the materials of organic fertilizer equipment are iron castings and steel castings. In addition, organic fertilizer raw materials are corrosive to a certain extent, so equipment corrosion is the top priority in equipment maintenance. Do not shut down blindly after stopping production, first clean up the equipment carefully to avoid long-term storage of raw materials on the equipment and avoid corrosion of the equipment. Secondly, we must do a good job of lubricating between equipment. Lubrication is the most important thing in the operation of equipment. Without good lubrication, it is difficult for the organic fertilizer producingequipment to operate normally. Therefore, each bearing of the equipment and the places that need to be lubricated should be checked in detail and lubricated and maintained before shutting down. In this way, the normal operation of the equipment can be guaranteed in the future.
  2. Prevent the abrasion and aging of organic fertilizer equipment. The rubber parts and other non-steel components in the organic fertilizer production line are stained with oil or damp. If they are not treated in time, cracks will appear. If serious, they will break, which greatly affects the operation and life of the organic fertilizer equipment. Therefore, we have to do their aging work. When the machine is shut down, wrap the corresponding rubber parts with plastic wrap and stores them in a dry place.
  3. Ensure that the power part of the equipment is well protected from moisture and water ingress. If the power of the organic fertilizer equipment is wet, the insulation will be greatly reduced. Power units with poor insulation will cause short circuits, leakage, ironing, burning of coils or other unimaginable things. This is the top priority of our maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment. .
Organic Fertilizer Double Pan Granulation Line

The durability of the organic fertilizer equipment and the maintenance of the equipment are very important, so when the organic fertilizer equipment is down, we must strictly do the maintenance work of the organic fertilizer equipment to ensure that the organic fertilizer equipment can better work for us. For better efficiency, learn to take care of your own organic fertilizer equipment.

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