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Three Main Points to Be Investigated for the Purchase of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Three Main Points to Be Investigated for the Purchase of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Since 2016, organic fertilizer equipment has become more popular. It is not difficult to see that organic fertilizer equipment is an important aspect of resource recycling and environmentally friendly breeding. Simply put, resource recycling, environmentally friendly breeding requires the use of organic fertilizer equipment to convert planting and breeding pollution into organic fertilizer, and organic fertilizer is applied back to crops to achieve complete recycling. Such recycling methods: animal and plant residues → biogas residue → organic fertilizer → crops; animal and plant residues → organic fertilizer → crops. Either way, it is environmentally friendly recycling of agricultural pollution resources. So how much does the animal husbandry industry need to invest in the early stage, and what equipment needs to be purchased? Does it require professional and technical personnel to develop the animal husbandry industry? In the purchase of organic fertilizer equipment, how can we do better from the animal husbandry enterprise? Further, what issues need to be paid attention to?

powdery organic fertilizer production line

It is understood that the purchase of organic fertilizer equipment for animal husbandry should be investigated from the following aspects:

  1. What are the raw materials processed by the organic fertilizer equipment? What do the farms raise? There are many farmers in all regions of the market for pig, duck, chicken, sheep, and cattle. We must choose the appropriate breeding industry according to the market’s industry conditions, and we must not blindly follow the trend. Choose according to your local climate, temperature, and water conditions.
  2. Invest in organic fertilizer processing production line equipment, and control the risk of early investment. Now there are many breeding cooperations in the market. You only need to buy seedlings and breed according to the contract, but you also need to pay attention to the investment in the chicken coop and duck coop in the early period. The size and ventilation conditions of the site. Choose the right partner and have a certain degree of control over your own investment risks.
  3. The equipment for processing organic fertilizer is environmental protection equipment for breeding. There are many types of environmental protection equipment for breeding. Different breeding requires different environmental protection equipment for breeding. There are special environmental protection equipment for breeding chickens, solid-liquid separator, organic fertilizer turning and throwing machine, and crushing. Machine, granulator and so on. Therefore, different aquaculture products require different environments and equipment, depending on your own situation.
Machine used in granular fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer turning composter can effectively mix livestock and poultry manure, sludge, microbial preparations, and straw powder evenly. Create a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. It can achieve the same day temperature rise, 3-5 hours deodorization, sterilization, and seven days to become fertilizer. It is not only much faster than other fermentation methods using other mechanical means, but also much more efficient.

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