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Methods and Steps for Fermenting Pig Manure to Make Organic Fertilizer

Methods and Steps for Fermenting Pig Manure to Make Organic Fertilizer

Crawler type compost turner
  • Pile the pig manure fertilizer raw materials on the flat ground in a chopped shape. (The trough turning compost machine directly puts the auxiliary materials into the trough), the pile width is equal to the turning pile width of the equipment, the height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as possible, such as 50 meters, 10 meters, etc., the ground should be flat and cement , The land can be used (as long as it is flat and has a certain degree of hardness), 5-6 mu of land is required for every 10,000 tons produced, and the area of the trough turning machine will be relatively small).
  • Sprinkle the piled up livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge and other fertilizer base materials on the biological fermentation inoculants (this unit provides technology and fermentation inoculants).
wheel type compost turner
  • Use a pile compost turning machine or a trough compost turning machine to mix pig manure (water content should be 50%-70%), fermentation bacteria, etc. evenly, deodorize in 3-5 hours, and heat up to 50 degrees in 16 hours When the temperature reaches 55 degrees, turn the pile again to increase oxygen, and then start mixing whenever the temperature of the material reaches 55 degrees, which has the effect of uniform fermentation, aeration, and cooling. Repeat the latter process until it is completely decomposed.
  • If the water content of pig manure is too high, you can add organic, relatively dry auxiliary branches that can absorb water or use the method of reflux to put the last dried fertilizer underneath to form a chop. The pig manure has a larger water content. In the middle, let the water from the top seep to the bottom and then flip it.
  • The general fertilizer process takes 7-10 days. Due to the different climates in different regions, it may take 10-15 days before the material will be completely decomposed, and it will truly be odorless, free of germs, eggs, weed seeds, and humus content. High, increased potassium content, etc.
  • If you want to compost powdered fertilizer into granular fertilizer

Naturally decomposed pig manure will pass through the pig manure processor (also called solid-liquid separator, screw extrusion solid-liquid separator, pig manure dehydrator, pig manure solid-liquid separator, pig manure wet and dry separator, etc. ] After dehydration, spread it on the concrete floor or on the mud floor covered with plastic film. Pile the pig manure into long piles 1.5-2 meters high and 1.5-3 meters wide. The length of the pile depends on the size of the site and the number of pig manures. Add an appropriate amount of it. Water (about 5%), and then covered with plastic film, so that the compost will naturally heat up to 50°C or more to kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs. Pay attention to the dung pile not to be too airtight, so as to avoid lack of oxygen, and microorganisms cannot multiply. It can be decomposed. Add a certain amount of sawdust, rice bran or straw, wheat, corn and other crop stalks. Make a certain gap between the film and the manure pile to improve air permeability, supplement oxygen, and promote the rapid and mass reproduction of microorganisms. It can also be used in pigs. The manure is sprinkled with adsorbents such as superphosphate, zeolite, raw soil, etc., to absorb the odor generated during the fermentation process.

  1. Biological preparations are decomposed in the same way as above, but before decomposing, the decomposing agent, such as antibacterial, is evenly sprayed on the pig manure, and then piled or turned into the soil to quickly deodorize and decompose. In this way, the decomposed pig manure is fast and the effect is good.

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