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The Mechanical Principle of the Roller Extrusion Granulator

The Mechanical Principle of the Roller Extrusion Granulator

The new system in the twin-roll extrusion granulator uses a transmission plan in which a single motor drives a single roller through a gear box, so that it can avoid the start and Maintenance and installation costs.

Double roller extrusion granulation machine

The gear box in the roller extrusion granulator adopts planetary transmission or a combination of cylindrical gear and planetary transmission, which can reduce the volume and weight of the gear box by 1/3 compared with the cylindrical gear reducer under the same load capacity conditions. 1/2, so it can reduce the load imposed on the end of the roller due to the suspension device, and improve the force of the roller and the support bearing.

roller in the press pelletizer machine

The output end of the double roller press granulation machine adopts the connection type that combines steel ball coupling and cross universal coupling, which can not only be used to the connection requirements of the floating roller system, but also can make the equipment overload or get stuck in the foreign matter. The steel ball coupling in the roll extrusion pelletizer can slip quickly, and then the gearbox, motor and host system are protected from damage.

Each driving roller in the roller extrusion granulator is driven by its own gear box, and its output shaft is a hollow shaft, and it is directly fixed on the end of the roller shaft with a locking disk. There is no anchor device bolt, which saves money. Going to this has some troublesome devices.

Because the planetary gearbox of the transmission system has a series of advantages such as high power density, small size, compact layout, etc., it is a more suitable transmission device in the roller press granulator.


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