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Technology of Producing Bio-Organic Fertilizer From Straw

Technology of Producing Bio-Organic Fertilizer From Straw

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Straw organic fertilizer uses compost fermentation technology and inoculates high-speed and high-efficiency organic fertilizer fermentation inoculants to quickly decompose and transform straw cellulose. Various pathogens, weed seeds and roundworm eggs are killed, and the production stability is strong. Bio-organic fertilizer with a complete range of nutrients. The bio-organic fertilizer produced from straw and manure contains a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which are needed for crop growth, as well as medium and trace elements such as sulfur, calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, molybdenum, copper and iron, and most of them exists in organic form . It can not only meet the growth needs of crops, but also improve the adaptability of crops to unfavorable environments. Compared with chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers have the characteristics of no partial fertilizer, no shortage of nutrients, stable supply, and long-term effects. Not only can the straw waste be treated in a harmless manner, but also the production and efficiency of bio-organic fertilizer can be increased to realize the unification of ecological and economic benefits. Under normal circumstances, the application of this fertilizer can increase crop yields by 5-20%. Due to the high utilization rate of organic fertilizers, nitrogen can reach 70-80%, and phosphorus can reach 30-90%. Therefore, compared with chemical fertilizers, under the condition of ensuring the same yield, the amount of fertilizer application can be reduced by 30% to 40%, which means that the input is reduced by 20-50 yuan/mu.

Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Plants


Technical points of straw production bio-organic fertilizer:

  • Straw treatment: First, the straw should be crushed to a certain fineness, and then an appropriate amount of poultry manure or sludge must be added to it to adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio and moisture of the compost material.
  • Ingredients: Wet and penetrate the crushed or cut straw with water, and control the water content at 50-60%. According to the ratio of 1:200, the straw composting agent is added to the straw to compost by the step-by-step mixing method. Pure straw materials are fermented, and 1.5% urea or 10% poultry manure, human feces and urine are added to the straw.
  • Compiling and fermentation: Compiling according to the specifications of 2-3 meters wide and 1.2-1.5 meters high. After making the pile, it is best to seal the pile with plastic cloth to prevent water evaporation, pile temperature diffusion and nutrient loss.
  • Storage: The compost is used in spring and autumn, and must be stored in summer and winter. The storage method can be directly piled in the fermentation tank or in hair bags, requiring dryness and ventilation.

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