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Structure And Characteristics of Cattle Manure Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Equipment

Structure And Characteristics of Cattle Manure Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank Equipment

The cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation tank studio is a material fermentation warehouse with three floors. It adopts a split design and is easy to install and transport. The fermentation bin is composed of two layers: an inner and an outer layer. The inner part is made of 2.5mm thick stainless steel plate, and the outer part is made of 5mm carbon steel plate, and the middle is filled with thermal insulation rock wool to keep the materials in warm. The main function of the upper cover of the organic fertilizer fermentation tank is to seal, feed, and connect the ventilation and deodorizing pipes. The main toilet connector adopts stainless steel bolts and accessories. After that, as long as normal feeding and production are required to continue the fermentation process, measures such as comprehensive mixing, ventilation, heat preservation and heat insulation can be realized through the operation of the fermentation tank equipment.

The cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation tank adopts a vertical closed tank structure, which saves floor space. The whole fermentation tank structure is divided into three parts, and the lower part is distributed with hydraulic station, fan and high-thrust hydraulic stirring shaft. The middle part is a double-layer heat-insulated tank, equipment automatic control system, single-side fertilizer export device, etc. The inner wall of the tank is lined with 304 stainless steel plate, which prolongs the life of the tank and reduces the residue of decomposed materials.

The structure of the cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation tank machine:

The cow dung fermentation tank is composed of fermentation chamber, spindle stirring system, hydraulic power system, feeding lifting system, automatic discharging system, high pressure air supply system, deodorizing heat exchange system and automatic control system.

Equipment structure and characteristics of cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation tank

  • The main body adopts double-layer insulation design, and the inner liner of the equipment. The material of the contact surface with the material is 201 stainless steel.
  • The main function of the spindle mixing system is to throw the material through the rotation of the spindle, so that the material has relatively loose and air permeability.
  • The deodorizing heat exchange system collects and treats the gas discharged after fermentation through wet spray or chemical method and discharges it after reaching the standard to avoid secondary pollution to the surrounding environment. At the same time, waste heat is collected and reused to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption.
  • Automatic control system.The intelligent high-temperature aerobic fermentation control system has a high degree of automation, equipped with a temperature sensor, an electric auxiliary heating device (the inlet air temperature in the tank is adjusted to the fermentation temperature), etc. At the same time, the key components are designed with targeted protection (when the equipment is abnormal, it will alarm and stop in time to reduce the damage to the equipment).

Product features of cow dung organic fertilizer fermentation tank:.

  • The organic fertilizer fermentation tank is highly mechanized and easy to operate. Traditional organic fertilizer fermentation requires a lot of labor and high labor intensity. The organic fertilizer fermentation tank is humanized design. One fermentation tank or multiple fermentation tanks can be operated by one person. Humic acid Fermentation tank, automatic temperature control, automatic stirring, automatic discharging and automatic feeding.
  • Wide adaptability, traditional organic fertilizer fermentation cannot be fermented in cold areas in the north and cold areas in winter, while organic fertilizer fermentation tanks can be fermented in all seasons regardless of the north and south, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The cow manure fermentation tank is simple to operate and manage, input livestock and poultry manure and other raw materials to automatically produce organic fertilizer, high degree of mechanization, easy to learn and easy to operate. There is no need to build a special fermentation tank for stacking materials like a trough turning machine, and the enclosed fermentation space can quickly heat up the materials, shorten the fermentation cycle, and avoid the production of peculiar smell during the fermentation process.

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