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Which Is Better to Ferment Poultry Manure? Groove or Windrow Fermentation?

Which Is Better to Ferment Poultry Manure? Groove or Windrow Fermentation?


Windrow Compost Turner

Fermentation is a crucial link in the processing and production of animal manure into organic fertilizer. Usually there are two fermentation types for manure fermentation: trough type and windrow type. Which of these two types of fermentation is better? What’s the difference?

Before fermentation, the solid manure need for fermentation, auxiliary materials, and various conditioners used in fermentation should be thoroughly mixed uniformly. Of course, this link can be carried out with an organic fertilizer mixer, even if the materials have differences in particle size, specific gravity, etc., they can be fully stirred evenly to achieve a good mixing effect, and it is more conducive to the fermentation of the materials.

Windrow fermentation

Windrow fermentation is to pile materials into stacks of a certain height, without the need to build fermentation grooves. Through the turning action of the windrow type compost turner, natural wind is fed into the stack from both sides of the stack to provide oxygen to achieve compost fermentation.

The windrow-type compost turner is mainly composed of a throwing device, a walking-driven tractor, a transmission system, etc., mainly driven by an internal combustion engine. Due to the low stacking height of the materials, the windrow fermentation has a poor heating effect. Due to the accumulation of fermentation outdoors, it is easily affected by the season and rainy days. In addition, exhaust gas pollution, odor and water seepage will cause environmental problems.

The windrow-type compost turning machine is more suitable for pre-treatment of tight materials, small-scale production, farm self-use fertilizer production, no fixed production site or temporary production use. The compost windrow turner should increase the research on the self-adaptation of the stacking height, so that the equipment has the self-adaptive control function, and enhance the equipment’s ability to adapt to the material. Since it is a manned equipment, it should be equipped with a cockpit with air-conditioning and air filtration purification system to help improve the working environment.

The windrow fermentation equipment mainly refers to the self-propelled turning machine. The windrow compost turning machine is a kind of turning equipment suitable for windrow fermentation, which generally requires a larger site.

Groove fermentation:

Rails are installed on the tops of both sides of the fermentation groove, and the turning machine can run back and forth on the rails. The general trench type compost turning machine is equipped with one machine and multiple grooves, and the transfer of the turning machine between fermentation grooves can be realized by a moving machine.

During the groove fermentation process, it can maintain and ensure the formation of an alternating state of medium temperature-high temperature-medium temperature-high temperature, which effectively shortens the fermentation cycle. A device for adding bacteria is installed on the compost turning machine, which can spray evenly and proportionally during the fermentation process. At the same time, a ventilation pipe can be laid at the bottom of the tank to increase ventilation. There are also equipment using electricity, no exhaust gas pollution, odor and water seepage can also be effectively controlled.

The groove compost turning machine is suitable for refined and large-scale production, which is conducive to production management and production cost control. The groove type fermentation equipment mainly refers to the trough type turning machine. Trench turning  machine is a kind of turning equipment matched with fermentation grooves.

The trough type compost turning machine is mainly composed of a frame, turning device, walking mechanism, cable reel device, electric control system, etc., and is mainly driven by electric power.

The trough-type fermentation system has the advantages of small footprint, high composting depth (0.8~2.5 m), fast temperature rise and large processing capacity. It is widely used in livestock manure composting.

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