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Fertilizer mixer for bulk blending plant

Fertilizer mixer for bulk blending plant

BB fertilizer is different from organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer. The name of BB fertilizer comes from the English word bulk blending fertilizer, also known as mixed fertilizer, which is composed of element fertilizer (or compound fertilizer) in a certain proportion. It is a compound fertilizer mixed with several kinds of granular single fertilizer or compound fertilizer in a certain proportion.

The general requirements of mixed fertilizer are uniform grain size, low water content, good grain strength, no caking during storage, and the same grain size as the original fertilizer. Not only the upper and lower limits of grain size are consistent, but also they are required to have similar particle size distribution. Therefore, the analysis of particle size distribution of different raw materials is an important step to ensure the quality of mixed fertilizer.

Fertilizer Blending Plant for Compound Fertilizer Production 20t per hour
Fertilizer Blending Plant for Compound Fertilizer Production 20t per hour

The advantages of the fertilizer are as follows:

1. The comprehensive nutrient concentration is high, the yield is increased, the cost is significant, and the pertinence is strong. The nutrient ratio of BB special fertilizer is formulated scientifically and pertinently according to the characteristics of fertilizer demand of crops and the local soil nutrient supply.
2. Simple processing, low production cost, no pollution.
3. Flexible formula. It can be changed flexibly according to different conditions such as crop nutrition, soil fertility and yield level, which makes up for the deficiency or excess of certain nutrients caused by fixed nutrient distribution of general compound fertilizer. Ratio.

BB fertilizer mixer is novel and practical. It is mainly composed of lifting feeding system, high-precision mixing system, storage system rack and electric control system. It can be self flowing and continuous production.

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