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Why is screener used in the fertilizer granulation plant?

Why is screener used in the fertilizer granulation plant?

The drum screening machine for fertilizer granules production has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance in the fertilizer granulation production line. In addition, the drum screening machine has high screening efficiency and good chemical fertilizer granulation process, which is an essential machine in chemical fertilizer production.

Install the support or suspension device of the screening machine. During installation, the foundation shall be leveled first, and then the components shall be installed according to the component drawing of support or suspension device and the installation drawing of screening machine.

Install the motor of the screen. When installing the motor, the foundation should be leveled, the level of the motorized spindle should be corrected, the center lines of the grooves corresponding to the two pulleys should coincide, and the tension of the V-belt should be appropriate.

Check the operation of drum screen in fertilizer granulation production line

Check the lubrication of the transmission part of the screening machine, rotate the transmission part by hand, and observe whether the rotation is flexible and normal. Check if there is any collision between the material trough and the hopper of the screening machine.

Finally, check whether the connection between the motor and the control box is correct. After the installation of the screening machine, it is necessary to carry out the air test run, check the installation quality and make necessary adjustments. After the air test run, it is necessary to carry out the load test run. During the trial operation, check the operation of the drive part of the fertilizer granulation production line, the tightness of fasteners and the screening effect of materials.

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