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Potassium nitrate compound fertilizer for fruits

Potassium nitrate compound fertilizer for fruits

1. The composition of potassium nitrate compound fertilizer is as follows
(1) The total nutrient content of phosphorus and potassium is more than 46% [15-13-18]
(2) Trace element content ≥ 20%
(3) Nitrate nitrogen ≥ 40%
(4) OA activated organic fertilizer ≥ 10%, OA activator ≥ 10%, containing chelating trace elements.
Potassium nitrate compound fertilizer.
2. National standard: gb15063-94
3. Agricultural registration certificate: ny-2000-006

The effects of potassium nitrate compound fertilizer are as follows
Compared with potassium chloride and potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate compound fertilizer has the characteristics of fast nitrogen absorption, high fertilizer utilization rate and good crop quality.

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(1) It can provide nutrients and trace elements for crop growth, effectively improve soil and promote crop metabolism.
(2) It can prevent the disorder of physiological metabolism, plant clumping and dwarfing; It can also prevent narrow leaf, white stripe, slow green and root rot at seedling stage, and effectively control red blight, so as to increase yield and income. The yield per mu can be increased by 10-15%. For cash crops, the utilization value is higher. For example, tobacco can improve the grade, soybean and rape can improve the oil yield, and vegetables, fruits and sugarcane can improve the appearance and taste.
(3) The most significant function of self is to improve the color, taste, quality and resistance of crops.
(4) Long term use can automatically adjust the relationship among soil, water, gas and fertilizer. It can also improve the quality of soil, water, gas and fertilizer, and optimize the ecological environment.
Key points of product fertilization:
For forest and fruit: mix OA active organic fertilizer and special fertilizer for forest and fruit before use. When fertilizing fruit trees, pay attention not to be too close to the root, mainly according to the age of the trees and the application of soil. Generally, before overwintering, adult trees should apply 1-2kg of base fertilizer – forest fruit special fertilizer, and 1-2kg of top fertilizer in spring. The amount of fertilizer applied to young trees is half of that of big trees. In spring, fertilizer is applied timely according to the regional climate.
For vegetables and melons:
1. Base fertilizer: the base fertilizer is applied in the way of full tillage and deep application. Before cultivated land, the fertilizer is evenly applied to the surface, and then the soil is turned, so that it can be sown and turned, and the fine tillage is strictly covered.
2. Topdressing: topdressing after 20 days. The top dressing method is to spread fertilizer evenly along the holes dug out by the plant, and then cover the soil. The suitable distance for fertilization is 8-10 cm.
Before using the reference amount of product fertilization, the OA active organic fertilizer and special fertilizer were mixed evenly, the general base fertilizer was applied with special fertilizer 35-45 kg / mu, and the surface fertilizer was applied with special fertilizer 25-30 kg / mu.

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