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Organic Fertilizer Function to the Soil

Organic Fertilizer Function to the Soil

The research data indicate that humus in organic fertilizer contains fat, wax and resin, including about 80-85% carbon, 10% hydrogen and 3-18% oxygen. Due to the formation of soil fertility, these substances can penetrate into the soil to agglomerate, make it hydrophobic, weaken the soil wetting process and capillary water movement speed, and reduce the evaporation capacity of soil water, The soil water holding capacity is enhanced, and the soil water condition is improved.

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The study on the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of humus shows that they are determined by the humic acid molecules at the edge of the upper chain, which are connected to the non aromatic groups (fatty groups) of the side chain.

The polymerization of humic acid molecules is small, and the dew measurement of side chain groups is larger, and there is a inverse relationship between them. The relationship between humus and water molecules determines the properties of organic water to some extent. To make humic acid granules fertilizer? Here are recommended machines.

Soil structure also has a profound influence on soil moisture.

The structure of the particles is related to the amount of soil organic matter and the amount of organic fertilizer. The structure of water stabilized granular material can ensure the porosity of soil surface and promote water permeability.

The characteristics of this structure are loose aggregates, large non capillary porosity, the height and speed of capillary action in soil and the evaporation of soil surface water.

The larger the granular aggregate structure, the larger the radius of the soil particle structure, the faster the velocity of capillary water rising, the inverse ratio is inversely proportional to the radius of the structure unit. The capillary water moves slowly and regulates the water state of the soil.
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