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Organic Compound Fertilizer Production

Organic Compound Fertilizer Production

Organic compound fertilizer granulator can be manufactured by granulator and can be used in different types of fertilizer production process. Organic compound fertilizer granulator can also be manufactured by fertilizer machine and fertilizer machine manufacturer.

We can use fertilizer equipment to complete the production process.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process, not only can be equipped with fertilizer mixer, fertilizer crusher, fermentation composter sx and so on. Each series of fertilizer equipment plays a different role in the fertilizer manufacturing process.

Organic or Compond Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line
Organic or Compond Fertilizer Disc Granulation Production Line

In the manufacture of organic compound fertilizer granulator, we use fertilizer granulator to complete the production of fertilizer granules. First, a fertilizer crusher can be used to grind large and hard raw materials, and then a fertilizer mixer can be used to mix them with other materials.

The next step is to use a fertilizer granulator to make the fertilizer into a granulator. In the production process of NPK fertilizer, roller granulator or drum granulator can be used to produce NPK and organic compound fertilizer granulator. After making fertilizer granulator, it is necessary to use fertilizer dryer to dry the granulator. Sometimes it is necessary to coat the machine with a fertilizer coating machine. Finally, the fertilizer granulator is packed with a fertilizer packer.

In addition to NPK, the fertilizer production line produces organic compound fertilizer granulator NPK. We have also designed an organic fertilizer production line and manufactured an organic fertilizer granulator. In the process of organic fertilizer production, different types and series of fertilizer equipment are equipped to complete.

In addition to designing the organic fertilizer production line for the production of organic fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer machinery manufacturer also designs the biological fertilizer production line to manufacture the biological organic fertilizer granulator. Interested in this, go to

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