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Advantages of Fertilizers Made by Batching Machine

Advantages of Fertilizers Made by Batching Machine

1、 Increasing yield formula balanced fertilization can provide a variety of large and trace elements for crop growth and development, and promote the normal growth and yield of crops. The results show that the balanced fertilization with automatic batching system can increase the yield of grain crops by 20% – 30%, and that of vegetables and cash crops by 30% – 50%.
2、 To improve the quality of crops, formula balanced fertilization can coordinate the supply and demand of soil fertilizer and crop fertilizer, make the combination of large and trace elements in soil, so as to meet the needs of various nutrients of crops in the whole growth period, achieve the purpose of high yield and high quality, improve the internal and external quality of crops, and improve the commodity of agricultural products.

medium scale organic fertilizer production plan
medium scale organic fertilizer production plan

3、 There are two types of crop diseases: infectious and non infectious. Non infectious diseases, also known as nutrient deficiency, are mainly caused by crop malnutrition. Pesticide control of this kind of physiological diseases has no effect. Only through balanced fertilization, balanced nutrition, cultivation of strong plants and improvement of crop disease resistance can the occurrence of physiological diseases be inhibited.
4、 Cost saving formula balanced fertilization can make all kinds of nutrients scientific and reasonable application, greatly improve the absorption and utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce the waste and application amount of fertilizer. At the same time, because it can effectively control crop diseases, it can reduce the amount of pesticides, save costs and improve economic benefits.
5、 Balanced fertilization can effectively reduce the amount of pesticide and fertilizer, reduce environmental pollution and agricultural product pollution, which is conducive to the production of green food and sustainable development of agriculture.
The above is the benefits of balanced fertilization of formula fertilizer of high-precision automatic batching system. In the application of soil testing formula fertilizer, combined with local agricultural technology and soil fertilizer, the balanced fertilization technology can be used more reasonably and scientifically.

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