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Month: January 2021

Polishing Machine Used for Making Fertilizer Granules More Quality

In the rapid growth of agriculture, animal husbandry and breeding, the criticism of breeding pollution was effectively curbed after the organic fertilizer processing equipment was put into operation, so it was widely trusted and recognized by farms and organic fertilizer processing manufacturers. Fertilizer granulator as the main production process stage of organic fertilizer equipment, environmental […]

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The Necessity of Disposing Poultry Manures

To solve the problem of breeding pollution, it is necessary to use the production line of animal manure, chicken manure, cow manure and pig manure to treat animal manure innocuously. Pig manure is processed into organic fertilizer by using animal manure production line equipment, and then applied to the soil. It not only improves the […]

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What scope is organic fertilizer equipment suitable for?

High temperature aerobic tank type organic fertilizer fermentation dumper is mainly used for high-temperature aerobic fermentation of livestock manure, kitchen waste, domestic sludge and other wastes. It uses the activity of microorganisms to biodegrade the organic matter in the wastes, so as to achieve harmlessness, stabilization and reduction. Integrated sludge treatment equipment for resource utilization. […]

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Comparision of Extrusion Granulator and Rotary Drum Granulator

Extrusion granulator is a kind of organic fertilizer granulator which is used for the convenience of storage, transportation and application, combined with the working principle of feed granulator. Extrusion type organic fertilizer granulator can be divided into roller type organic fertilizer granulator, flat mold type organic fertilizer granulator, ring mold type organic fertilizer granulator, flat […]

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