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Granular Fertilizer Making Process

Granular Fertilizer Making Process

The fertilizer fabricating process can be separated into a wide range of type and utilizing the fertilizer grinding machine can make the fertilizer into granules.The roller press granulator producing measure is a sort of fertilizer fabricating measure. So what points of interest of the roller press crushing innovation?

Creating compound fertilizer granules,choosing the fertilizer grinding machine we can utilize the double roller pelletizer machine to make fertilizer granules.The innovation of making fertilizer granules utilizing the roller press granulator technique have numerous points of interest:

1.Strong versatility of crude materials.The sets of fertilizer granules machine isn’t so high necessity for the size of the fertilizer granules and utilizing the fertilizer fabricating cycle can create the organic fertilizer granules.

2.The ball forming rate is high and the hard is big.After roller squeezing the fertilizer granules should be cleaned utilizing the ball molding machine.After shaping,the fertilizer granules, the particles are round and even and the pelleting rate is up to 95%.

3.The water content is lower.The low water content is the main  favorable position of the roller press granules fabricating process,because the natural fertilizer granules is huge to such an extent that make the obstruction more modest than the inorganic fertilizer.If we simply utilize the strategy of disc granulator to make fertilizer granules that the water substance might be up to the 40% that we need to utilize the drum dryer to dry the water of the fertilizer granules.

We make the top notch fertilizer granules machine and plan the most current fertilizer fabricating cycle to deliver the fertilizer granules.We are professional fertilizer machine manufacturer and we can supply reasonable proposal for you to make the fertilizer granules.If you are keen on fertilizer machine or fertilizer producing measure you can leave a directive for us and we will supply proficient fertilizer machine innovation for you.

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