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Organic Fertilizer Composting Process and Equipment

Organic Fertilizer Composting Process and Equipment

The maturation of natural manure with box aging, lake aging and level stacked fermentation, common plan every aging necessities are not the equivalent, box type aging need to manufacture a few lines of equidistant furrows in the ground, stature is more than one meter, between the section and the score separation is dictated by the width of heap turning the acquisition of the machine, so we can accomplish multi activity creation mode.

Lake aging necessities to dive pools in the field, and collect materials in the lake for aging. The stacking machine utilized for lake type maturation and box aging is the equivalent, yet the issue of lake type aging and releasing is hard to fathom, dislike the trough fermentation use forklift to discharge is simple.

Level stacked maturation doesn’t have to assemble box or delve pools in the field, and there are not many common works. However, the turnover machine is a mobile machine. The stature of material maturation is excessively low, and the aging impact isn’t box or pool type.

Turning machine is a significant piece of natural manure supplies. It can viably complete the mixing、fluffing and moving of manure based materials, and assume a significant part in the creation of natural compost. Coming up next is an itemized portrayal of the useful attributes of the turning machine in the natural manure gear.

1. The truck and the streetcar do the even and vertical strolling, so the materials in each spot in the aging pool can be mixed.

2. Vertical and flat strolling and blending redesigning are driven by water powered weight, which is steady and solid.

3. The shell and some portion of the machine are welded with H type steel, which is totally strong.

4. A assortment of cruel conditions won’t influence the work.

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