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Maintenance of Organic Fertilizer Composting Equipment

Maintenance of Organic Fertilizer Composting Equipment

  1. Check whether the oil circuit system and lubrication system are unblocked. If not, immediately inform the maintenance personnel for repair;
  2. Check whether the oil in the oil tank of the turning machine is sufficient. If not, add enough oil. Check the hydraulic system for leakage.
  3. Before starting up the turning machine, carefully check whether all parts of the mechanism are in good condition, and whether the position of each transmission handle and speed change handle is correct, and the machinery shall be lubricated and maintained as required.
  4. Before going to work, the operators must be present at the same time, pay attention to observe the turning machine and make all preparations;
  5. Before starting the turning machine, turn the parts that can be rotated, observe whether there is any abnormality during the mechanical rotation, and timely inform the maintenance personnel to repair the situation.
  6. When starting the turning machine, first turn on the power switch to make the machine power on, and then turn on the switch of the electric oil pump and each motor for trial implementation. After stopping the rail change vehicle, the operation shall be carried out on the machine frame.
  7. During the operation of the turning machine, if the main shaft vibrates, the noise is large, the pressure is high, the temperature is over 65 ° C, and other abnormal conditions are found, the situation shall be checked with the machine maintenance personnel immediately and treated with time;
  8. Except for the operation and maintenance personnel, other personnel are not allowed to enter the machine.
  9. In case of any failure of the turning machine, the relevant personnel shall be informed immediately to find out the cause and eliminate the fault. It is not allowed to deal with the problem without authorization. It is strictly forbidden to work with the equipment in trouble.

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