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How to eliminate the odor when organic materials fermenting?

How to eliminate the odor when organic materials fermenting?

The main raw materials of eco organic fertilizer pelletizer are livestock manure, followed by domestic waste, domestic sludge, agricultural products waste, and crop straw as the main raw materials of chemical products. These raw materials can produce uncomfortable odor, some of which will produce odor, and even affect people’s normal life.

It is generally believed that the main odorous compounds in the raw materials of eco organic fertilizer granulator are sulfur compounds, ammonia, amines, fatty acids, ketones, aldehydes, phenols and other aromatic compounds and heterocyclic compounds.

At present, the more advanced deodorization methods include water washing method, pharmaceutical treatment method, biological method and so on. Among them, the biological deodorization method mainly uses the special functional microbial community to decompose and transform the odor to produce odorless substances to achieve the purpose of deodorization. This method has many advantages and low cost, so it is suitable for breeding farms, slaughterhouses, garbage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and ecological organic fertilizer plants.

Ways to solve these problems:

① Using biological fermentation deodorization bacteria

In the process of turning, fermenting and decaying of organic materials such as livestock manure, biological fermentation deodorizing bacteria can decompose and transform odor substances in the whole process. Using this kind of product, the odor can be eliminated in about 48 hours. Long term use of biological fermentation deodorization bacteria can significantly reduce or disappear the odor of organic fertilizer production enterprises.

② Seal fermentation and processing workshop and install deodorization device

Sealed fermentation and processing workshop can prevent odor overflow. A plurality of air intake fans are installed on one side of the fermentation and processing workshop to let the outside fresh air enter the workshop, while a plurality of exhaust fans are installed on the other side of the fermentation and processing workshop. Each exhaust fan is connected with an exhaust pipe, and the gas discharged from the workshop is led into the solid or liquid biological filter through the pipeline.

③ Sealed transportation or production away from residential areas

Organic fertilizer granulator production enterprises must consider many aspects before building a plant, and try to build it far away from residential areas or industrial areas.

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