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Rotary Drum Granulator For Compound Fertilizer Production

Rotary Drum Granulator For Compound Fertilizer Production

There is a molding machine that is referred to as a rotary drum granulator. It is typically made in the shape of the barrel. It will have a rubber lining inside, or perhaps one that is made of stainless steel that is acid resistant, and it is typically use for the granules production of fertilizer. When fertilizer is produced, there is a large amount of phosphoric acid or ammonia added to the drum. Steam is also part of the process. There will be other materials which will serve as the fertilization components. This will be calcium, phosphorus ammonia, and nitrogen which are needed by plants to grow effectively. The basis of the machine is to take all of these materials and consolidate them into either small sands like components or even pellets. These are then used by the farming industry, as well as people with gardens, to fertilize what they are growing. If you are interested in producing compound fertilizer using a rotary drum pelleting machine, this is what you need to know.

How To Find The Best Manufacturer For These Rotary Drum Granulators?

The best manufacturers tend to be those that are well established. They have likely been producing this material for years. Professional and experienced equipment factory may have older models which will be adequate for your needs which will be priced at a much lower price point. The key is to find out how much fertilizer they can make. It needs to be at least as much as you need on a regular basis. Once you have assessed all of these, and received quotes back from these companies, you can then make a logical decision on which one will be best for you.

Using a rotary drum granulator is the first step toward avoiding the high cost of purchasing fertilizer from other companies. Businesses that produce fertilizer all use this same type of equipment. If you want to make a large investment that will pay for itself many times over, you should consider obtaining one this year. Once done, you will have the ability to create any type of compound fertilizer that you want at a very fast rate.

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