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How Much Fertilizer Production Cost can be Saved by the Composting Machine?

How Much Fertilizer Production Cost can be Saved by the Composting Machine?

Organic fertilizer compost machine is an ideal equipment to transform agricultural waste, livestock manure and organic waste into high-quality bio organic fertilizer by using modern technology.

Main features:

1. Stir the fermentation materials evenly and thoroughly, so that the bacteria and raw materials are fully contacted, and then promote the fermentation materials to completely mature.

  1. Save a lot of civil engineering, manpower and material resources, and make the scale of fertilizer production more flexible.

The turning machine produced by Shunxin can mix 400-500 cubic meters of fermented materials per hour (equivalent to the tireless workload of 100 people at the same time), equivalent to more than 160-200 tons of finished fertilizer. In an organic fertilizer factory with a daily output of 100 tons of finished fertilizer, the actual mixing time is less than one hour per day, and the energy consumption per ton of fertilizer is less than 1kw, and the average oil consumption per hour is 1-1.5kg. Only 4 or 5 workers are needed. The price advantage of finished fertilizer is obvious.

The outstanding technology of these compost turners is to integrate the crushing function in the later stage of fermentation. With the gradual dehydration of materials and the installation of crusher, the grinding efficiency is greatly improved, the cost is reduced, and the problem that the production capacity is restricted by the crusher is fundamentally solved. Compared with other types of machines, such as “overturning machine”, “mixer” and “screw agitator”, the compost turner has obvious characteristics

  1. It is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation materials, and can effectively mix viscous fermentation materials with microbial agents and straw powder. It creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. Under this loose material property, fermentation materials will be heated in 24-48 hours, deodorized in three days and fertilized in about 15 days.
  2. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the whole machine has good rigidity, balanced force, concise, strong, safe and reliable performance, easy to operate, strong adaptability to the site. It is composed of thick frame and national standard parts, which is easy to use and maintain.

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