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Common Problems and Solutions of Drum Granulator

Common Problems and Solutions of Drum Granulator

The main advantages of the rotary drum granulator are that the steam is used to heat and adjust the humidity, which improves the temperature of the granulation material itself, reduces the granulation water content, reduces the dryer load and improves the working efficiency. The pelletizing rate of drum granulator can reach 70%, and the equipment is easy to operate, flexible and easy to maintain. The phenomenon of material sticking to the wall is eliminated, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, and the service life of the equipment is greatly prolonged. There are several common problems and solutions in production

Problem 1: rolling belt sliding
① the concave joint side of rolling belt is not clamped. The treatment method is to clamp the side of roller belt and concave joint of rotary drum granulator.
② it is not clamped with rolling belt and concave joint in radius direction. It can be clamped by base plate or clamp, but excessive or uneven clamping must be paid attention to, and the tension is easy to cause the body to jump and vibrate and cause accidents.

Problem 2: body dislocation
① wear of supporting roller. The supporting roller can be repaired or replaced according to the wear degree
② the block wheel is worn. The drum granulator needs to be repaired, moved or replaced according to the wear degree.

Problem 3: gear misalignment
① the pinion is worn. Install the pinion in the opposite direction. If both sides are worn, replace the new gear for the drum granulator.
② The connection between the big gear and the cylinder was damaged. Adjust and adjust the connection, and make appropriate treatment when necessary.

Question 4: cylinder vibration
① the connection between the supporting wheel device and the base is damaged. Adjust the connection and tighten the nut to make the supporting roller in the correct position.
② The side of roller belt of drum granulator is worn. According to the wear degree, turn the side of the belt or replace it with a new one.

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